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Oh HI!

I never intruduced us, we are two 20 year olds who wants to be the best we can and more.

My name is Ida-Maria, I am from Sweden but at the moment I live in USA, this summer I will be in Sweden again but then come back for College in MT, if everything goes as planned I will be studying to be a physical therapist. The reason I started working out was because of my lungs, as a little girl I had a very rare lungdisorder that only me and another girl had. They could never figure out what the disease was but I stoped breathing from time to time and for a long time I only had 50% lungcapacity. I couldn't keep up in PE in school till I was about 11, I started playing handball and about 3-4 years later I had 104% lungcapacity, I can still remember that "score" on the doctors computer and I asked if that really was possible. Haha, yeah I still wonder how I could have over 100% but as long as I feel good I don't care. To me it is important to feel good and as a physical therapist I hope to be able to help others, because I know how it feels not to be on top.

I will write about food and nutrition, motivation, workouts and more! And since I love taking pictures be prepared for a few shots!

In Sweden I was practicing kick boxing, but here in middle of nowhere Idaho there is just no way. So I ride, take walks and runs whit our dog Whiskey and do workouts with my own body wheight and hay bales, haha!

Cody is at this moment in Montana, he is shoeing horses with his dad. I'm at home with his mom and three younger siblings. He will have to write about himself once he gets back (in a few days hopefully)! Here is one picutre and I'll tell you two things about him. He loves mixed martial arts and he is a cowboy.

Good night Sweden and good day America!

tors 29, Mar 2012 |

I've always loved spinach, even when I was a little girl and all my friends said how gross I was. Here is a few reasons why I love spinach as an adult.

1. Affordable

Spinach is Cheap! I got a big bag of it for 3 dollars, I've been using it everyday for a week and I still got third left! I know the price is good at home in Sweden too. That means you can fill yourself up with healthy, cheap spinach and spend your money on things other than food!

2. Rich In Flavenoids

Even if you don’t know what flavenoids are, you know they are good for you! These antioxidant minerals help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy, even from diseases you definitely don’t want like some types of cancer.

3. High In Iron

Spinach has a high iron content! In fact, due to a mistake by professor Arnold Bendor, many people believed that it had a much higher Iron content than is actually true! (This is where Popeye came from!) However; Spinach does contain a lot of Iron which is good for your body!

4. Tasty

Believe me, spinach is actually quite tasty. Toss in some salt, add some cheese (if you must), add to pasta, lasagna, smoothies, whatever: Spinach goes great with almost anything!

5. Heart Healthy

Spinach is packed with vitamins A and C which are really good for your heart. You might not care very much about that now but just wait until your pushing 45, climbing up stairs and muttering “I should have eaten my spinach…”

6. Fiber

All green vegetables have fiber and spinach is no exception.

7. Helps You Concentrate

Did you know that antioxidants in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach and brussel sprouts slow the aging of your brain? If you are worried about the inability to concentrate or memory problems, I tell you Spinach, Spinach, Spinach!!

8. Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to boost your immune system, bring oxygen to the brain, make your hair and skin healthy and most of all, help you to stay healthy. Guess what! Spinach is just packed with them, eat it raw for best antioxidant content, put it in you smoothie! It won't ruin the taste I promise!

9. Healthy Eyes

I've known that spinach is good for your eyes and it helps the white in your eyes to get more bright(I love that fact). The reason is that lutein, a kind of carotenoid, is found in spinach and it helps your eyes to stay healthy. Not only does carotenoid help you to see better but it can help to prevent eye diseases.

10. Low on calories

Oh, almost forgot maybe one of the best things about it - 1Cup/2dl: 7 Calories


So kids, eat your spinach! =)

tors 29, Mar 2012 |

Good morning world!

This day started out with one of my favorite breakfasts - Spinach Pancakes. Here is my recipe:

For 2 people

5 eggs

1/4 Onion

2 handfulls of spinach (or however much/little you want)



Feta Cheese


Mix egg, spinach and onion in a mixer or chop it up and stir it into a bowl.

I use a little bit of oliveoil instead of the butter in the pan. Pour 1-2 dl of the mix into the heated pan and sprinkle some fetacheese over the pancake. Flip when the pancake starts to feel solid.

And voilà!

I use sourcream and some Alpine Touch for best taste! 

Bonne appetit!

tors 29, Mar 2012 |